Mr. Wunderlich talks about why spirituality needs a reboot and about his thoughts on existential questions and meditation or he tells stories and parables. And there are the “escapisms”, just for your relaxation.
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New Episodes: Tuesday and Friday.

Mr. Wunderlich talks about "It's Life Itself!"

Welcome to „It’s life itself!“ Come in: It’s just me talking! There’s no merchandise, no fees, no commercials, no product placement, no newsletter, no mailing list, no seminars, no books, no paywall. Only content. (But you may support me, if you like what you read, hear or see.)

What is this about?

Spirituality is a buzz word. It’s a natural part of every religion and belief system and deeply rooted in our subconscious. Religion needs spirituality, but spirituality does not implicitly need religion – you don’t have to believe in anything. (For a more thourough definition, listen to episode #1)

It’s a buzz word because spirituality is needed in the 21st century, just as in any century before.

The problem: It is in an existential crisis right now.

We made a commodity out of spirituality. It is sold out by blissfully smiling life coaches, self declared masters and a global esoteric industry. If you need answers for the big questions of human existence today, you’re on a dark, depressingly dangerous and most likely expensive path.

Spirituality needs a reboot. Free from consumerism, superstition, solemnity and its technical terminology.

Let’s make it accessible, compassionate and not in conflict with science. Because: In the end it simply is part of the human experience.

We need to share it: It’s life itself that offers all answers we need.

Who ist Mr. Wunderlich?

Me. I am. My name is Oliver Wunderlich. (‚Wunderlich‘ is the German word for whimsical, strange, wondrous or fantastic. Ask Google Translate.) I am not a mystical master and neither did God, Buddha, Odin or the Flying Spaghetti Monster command me to produce podcasts.

I do meditate daily for more than three decades, taught meditation for many years and introduced thousands of listeners to Zazen with my podcast “Impetus” for Audible. (And I helped even more to sleep better with “Deep Sleep“.) Before these there was the “Explikator” with over a million downloads, which is offline now. “Morgenradio” is still online! My partner Frau Anders and me narrate our own short stories. All these are in German, I’m afraid.

So, what is your qualification to talk about spirituality, Mr. Whimsical?

Nothing with a seal or a mark or a stamp. No dharma transmission, no holy command, no heavenly mission. Sorry. I know, it’s unusual in this kind of market place, but I don’t feel more capable than you to talk about spirituality. (Because it’s about life itself, remember?)

But you are not doing it, so I am.

Why, you still ask? I know, this question is important…
Since a first, startling experience as a teenager I searched for answers for the so-called existential questions – it was a long journey.

Now, many years later, I’ve found the secret of existence! Of life itself!

Just kidding – don’t quote this out of context! Though I failed in finding absolute answers, my questions changed over time. That’s the story worth telling.

Even more boring facts about my life

• I was born 1964 in Munich. November.

• Mother, father, brother, house, garden, neighbours, friends, bike, school, puberty and even more school.

• Was run over by a car, fell in love, grew long greasy hair, visited art school, worked in a lot of jobs, almost burnt to death and was declared clinically dead. (1986, some months after I started zen meditation. Coincedence? I think … yes!)

• Studied theology (Only one year!) I guess I wanted to preach about my near death experience, but I’m not absolutely sure about that. I was young and I needed the … whatever!

• Started to earn my own money as an illustrator and graphic artist while grinding Greek and Hebrew vocabulary.

• Fell in love, made a career, married, wife, two children, house, garden, neighbours, friends, too much work, bankruptcy in 1998, crisis.

• Became a stay at home dad, a churchwarden and a confirmation teacher for my congregation, working as a graphic artist from home.

• Triple therapy with Interferon B for six months because of a HCV infection. (I got that in the hospital 1986!) That was arduous!

• My children moved out and my marriage spontaneously collapsed in the aftermath. 25 years! (No one to cook for anymore!)

• Divorce, one room apartment, new start, new podcast.

• Four years later: New love (Frau Anders, I’ll introduce you later) and new house, garden, two dogs, two cats and other tenants. (Baby blackbirds, hedgehogs, mice…)

• This podcast.

Please feel free to add anywhere in that story (in chaotical order): 54 years of sheer luck, love, movies & comics, pride, religion & sometimes atheism, laughter, self doubt, depression, painting & drawing, psychotherapy, alcoholism, bliss, love, 128.000 cigarettes (I quit!), vegetarism, martial arts and millions of innocent wine gums. (I almost quit those, too! Almost…)