Arriving on a Jetplane


This escapism takes place on a jetplane. Because, if you don’t have a home to call your own and you’re travelling most of your time, the warm hum of the engines can make you feel at home instantly.

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You never understood what people mean, when they talk about “home”. The place they grew up maybe? Your first memories take place in a small apartment, just you, Mom and Dad.

Then there was the divorce and another apartment; followed by the new stepdad and a little house. Another breakup, another apartment, the next stepdad and the next little house.

When you were ten, your Mom got the job she always dreamed of in a city on the other side of the country. Which turned out to be a great disappointment after only two years, so you moved again. And again. And again.

Your own journey began and it involved travelling across the globe almost all of your time. You know most of the international airports, which look somehow similar all around the world. And you are accustomed to the international hotels, which are only clones themselves.

There is no place you call ‘home’!

“Except this one”, you think, as you put on your trusty sleeping goggles.

“Planes are my ‘home’” – you snuggle in the fleece blanket.

“I feel at home, when I am flying on a jetplane!”

That’s your last thought, before all your attention is on the warm and steady hum of the engines.

Here is your home. You are home!