This podcast has episodes sorted in four different categories.

There’s “About Meditation“, which is kind of self-explanatory. But maybe you’ll find my take on it refreshing. I think meditation is not a very complicated practice. Everyone can learn it, because everyone already knows what it’s about.

There’s “Stories, Parables & Allegories“. Every civilization developed something called “wisdom literature” – some of it is really helpful. And then there are my own stories – I hope you’ll like them, too. Even if they are not sooo wise…

My Thoughts“. I think about things. A lot. Too much, sometimes. But maybe you’re interested what kind of conceptions I puzzled together by thinking too much about spiritual stuff for 55 years?

The last category are the “Escapisms“. These are especially easy to digest. You will hear me, using my ‘smoothest’ voice, telling you a little story to distract your mind from your everyday’s life, accompanied by the ‘soothest’ relaxing sounds. Escapisms are short breaks from the daily routine and last about fifteen minutes each.

And then there will be something like “Personal” or “Housekeeping” or “Your Questions“, but these still rest somewhere in the future.

Thank you for listening to my podcast, pick your favorites!
All the best to you, your Mr. Wunderlich