Land’s End


“Land’s End” is the name of many places. In today’s escapism we listen to Belerion, Finis Terra, Penn an Wlas – to the place in Cornwall called “Land’s End”, where the land ends and the ocean begins.

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They closed your institute; you lost your job. It’s not a big problem: three more months and you would have retired and you still will receive your full pension. But it’s sad that the humanities are not important anymore, isn’t it? No interest for the Celtic roots nowadays.

What to do with three months in the middle of a British summer? Spare time was a new concept for you. Why not fulfil a live long dream and walk the South West Coast Path? England’s longest footpath, stretching for 600 miles from Minehead in Somerset to Poole Harbour in Dorset?

It took you almost four weeks to walk the first 240 miles to Penzance. On some days you only managed to walk a little more than seven miles, because there’s a lot of climbing involved. Then you arrived at Land’s End.

And you were bewitched. You’re still at the Treeve Moor House since your arrival, a week ago. Every morning you walk to Land’s End. Finis Terra, the Romans called it. Belerion was the name the Greek used. Finisterre was the Norman word and Penn an Wlas in Cornish.

Land ends here. There’s only ocean from here on. Waves of blue water against the rock. The steady pulse of the world. You watch and you listen. Every day. You think: Land ends here. Well, that’s fine with me!