A Rainy Day in the City


Today‘s episode is the first of the little escapisms at „It’s Life Itself“. These dream travels are there for you to just close your eyes and relax. Listen to my voice and the soothing sounds in the background and take a short vacation from your every day’s routine. Just relax!

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Thank you for your attention, yours truly, Mr. Wunderlich

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Imagine yourself sitting in a cosy room in a very old hotel. 
No one is around, because of the holidays.
„You’ve got the whole hotel for yourself“, said the hotel clerk, smilling kindly, as you checked in.

First you were surprised and wanted to respond, but he took a bite from his sandwich and dived back into the story the huge book in his lap told him.

When you entered the room, you were surprised. Who would have thought, that a house that was built two hundred years ago, could get that warm! But the fireplace was the logical explanation to that question. 

As you put your suitcase on your bed, you see the tea stove on the table with a steaming teapot on it. Peppermint – that explained the pleasing fragrant in the room. 

You had planned to go out this evening, to grab something to eat. But you are not hungry at all. Instead you find yourself staring out of the big old windows, down on the city streets. It’s a rainy day. It’s December already. The people down there are rushing to find a place like the one you had found in this old building. 

You decide to stay here tonight. You pour yourself a cup of peppermint tea, you sit down next to the window and you lean back and relax. 

For now, it’s enough to watch the city slowly falling asleep. For now, it’s more than enough to just listen to the rain. It’s just enough to be here. Just enough to be alive.