The Escape Boat


It’s hard to be really alone in the city. If you are in dire need of solitude, you must find a solution. And you found one: The boat! Your own little escape boat!

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It’s not easy to be alone. You read online that so many people complain, that they feel so alone. “That’s somehow funny”, you think. Do they all live somewhere in the woods?

You live in the city: Your problem is being not alone. You have learned, that people are very different. For you the noise from your neighbours is proof enough, that you are not alone. Your problem is different: You find it’s incredibly hard to be alone.

All your life you searched for a solution for your problem: One hour a day in silence would be enough. But even one hour seems impossible in a city, where people usually live on top of each other in huge buildings.

Then you bought the boat. A sudden inspiration from a day trip to the sea with other people called friends. If you row in the middle of that sea, especially in the evening, it should be possible to not hear, not feel, not smell other human beings.

So, that’s what you do on weekends. You drive to the sea, unload your boat, row into the middle of the sea and then: You are alone! Finally!

For hours you lie in your boat, watch the clouds and you enjoy your solitude. The sound of the small waves is the proof: You are at peace!