The Hot Train Ride


You will find yourself sitting in a train driving through the winter landscape of Switzerland in this escapism. And you will enjoy the ride with this train while you are listening to the sound of the tracks. And you relax.

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As you stood out in the cold at this little train station of this little Swiss village, you regretted deeply to have made this trip to Europe. You had missed the train with your suitcase and your friends, because you were too busy making photos of the snowy landscape.

The man at the ticket counter said something that sounded like: “Next train, four hours”. You had your ticket, your passport and five Franken. But no winter coat. You bought yourself a coffee. The man had said: “But slooow train!”

Four hours of freezing is enough to develop a dislike for snow for the rest of your life. It was freezing and got colder with each hour. You didn’t know yet, but this experience will be be your most precious memory of the whole trip.

When your train finally arrived, you understood exactly what “slooow train” was supposed to mean. The locomotive and the waggons looked like they had experienced hundred years of driving through winter landscapes.

You climb onboard, get in one of the cabins, sit down and you feel rescued. The whole waggon steams with heat. You hear the neighbours complaining to the conductor. And he responds: “These waggons are old. There is no way to control the temperature. We can switch on the heater or we can switch it off, that’s all we can do. I am very sorry!”

But you are not sorry! You are so happy! Slowly your body begins to thaw – back to a temperature fit for human life.

You lean back in your seat and you relax. Everything is going to be alright, now that you sit in this hot, cosy waggon! You close your eyes and all you do is listening as the old train whispers his stories into your ears. Like a good friend!