The Jungle Book


The “Jungle Book” is the story of a young boy raised by wolves. It was a part of your fantasies for so long. Now you sit there, in India, and you listen to the sounds of the jungle – in my next little escapism.

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Somewhere in everyone’s life is the story of the first movie. The first time in a movie theatre. The first time waiting in the dark until the curtains part and the screen begins to show the stories of other human beings.

Movies can take you anywhere. You can slip into the mind of someone living a completely different life. There is the story of a boy who was raised by wolves somewhere in the jungle. His friends are animals.

They have names like Bagheera or Baloo. And they meet snakes and a crazy orang utan king and a deadly tiger. But they survive.

“Jungle Book” was your first movie and you remember being Mowgli. Living in the jungle with all the animals. At least for the run time of that Disney Classic. But, in a way, all your life.

And there is your bucket list. The top entry was “Visit Kanha Tiger Reserve” in Madhya Pradesh. Some wait until they are diagnosed with a terminal illness to check all the entries on their list.

You did not. So, now you sit there, in the jungle where once the story of Mowgli could have taken place. You hear what Mowgli could hear rising up with his friends, the animals.

And: It is exactly what you dreamed it would be. The sounds of the Jungle Book are the most magic sounds there are! Just listen!