The Little Creek


The second escapism will guide you into a little forest. Right on a hidden clearing, with a quiet creek running through it and with birds chirping. It’s your secret place, where you go to calm down. Just lean back, listen closely and relax!

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When you rented this little apartment, you were not aware of the surroundings. It was more like the budget made the decision.

So it took some months, before you had a walk through the neighborhood. Decent people, nice but small houses, nothing to worry here.

It did take the better part of an hour until you found this small forest. Who would’ve thought that a perfect little piece of nature was so close to the city with its noise and dirt.

You stumble through the underwoods and suddenly you stand on a clearing. Protected from the wind, warmed by the sun and hidden from the turmoil of the busy people not far from here.

You finally found your secret place. One hour to walk, twenty minutes with your bike or five minutes with the car. That’s all it takes for you to find the inner peace you need.

You can not make it here on every day, but as soon as you have enough spare time, you come here. Then you sit down on the clearing, right by the little creek. And you do – exactly nothing.

You just listen. You listen to the sounds of nature outside of you. And the nature in you reverberates.