Three Bars in the Wilderness


The sound of a fire in the fireplace of a cozy cabin in the woods may be the most relaxing sound in the world – especially if it’s snowing outside. Enjoy this little escapism!

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“It’s easy! Relax! You can’t lose your way, believe me! It’s only 15 miles – no problem at all!” That’s what your friend said on the phone, calling in sick with the same call.

“Well, it’s 15 miles, so you better hurry! The forecast predicts snow. Could get a little windy up there!” That’s what the man whose cabin you rented said on the parking lot as he handed over the keys.

“This is a snow storm! Never have I seen so much snow! I will lose my way and get lost here!” That’s what you said to yourself one hour later. Isn’t it dangerous to be alone in the wilderness? And whose bad idea was it to rent a cabin? Oh. It was yours, now you remember.

But the snow storm didn’t turn out as bad as you feared. And your navigation skills turned out to be much better than you expected. Three hours later you see the little cabin. You are very relieved as you close its door behind you, leaving behind the wind and the snow. Finally! You made it!

Now that you are an experienced out-door-specialist, it shouldn’t be to difficult to light a fire in this nice fireplace. Everyone can do that, right?

“Who would have thought that my mobile gets three bar reception in the middle of the wilderness?” That’s what you think as you watch a video on YouTube called “How to light a fire in a fireplace”.

“This most be the cosiest experience of my whole life!” And that is what you think – or did you say it out loud? – as you sip on your tea and watch the flames. You snuggle up in the thick blanket and let yourself be mesmerized by the fire. Your fire!