Washing Machine


Today’s escapism is dedicated to my hours spent in the laundromat. Because one of the most soothing sounds is that of a washing machine. So relax for fifteen minutes with me listening to it!

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Thank you for your attention, yours truly, Mr. Wunderlich

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When the “Vogue” wrote that they really liked your query letter and were willing to have you as an intern for six months, your life was turned upside down. “That will look great in my CV”, you thought. And the next thought was: “Six months in Paris and I don’t even speak French.”

Organizing everything was a real hassle, but you found a nice apartment that didn’t stress your budget too much. Which meant that it was very small and had no kitchen installed and no washing machine.

At least once a weak you had to spend two hours at the laundromat around the corner. It was open 24 hours so you could fit that in your busy schedule. Which meant you were all alone most of the time.

This sounds annoying, but for you these hours were a treasure. All you had to do was waiting. There was nothing you could do wrong, nothing to manage, nothing to organize, no deadlines, no notes from the editor, no snooty comments from the copyreaders.

That’s all many years in the past. Nowadays you can live from the things you write. You have your own washing machine now. But, if times are hard, if you are stressed out, if you don’t know how to decide things, you still take your laundry to the laundromat.

And then you sit there and wait. You listen to the sound of the washing machine and wait. The solutions you need are hidden in the sound of the washing machine. You just have to listen.